About Erin

I wear a lot of blue (in Paris, Myanmar and Thailand)
I’m Erin and I am probably plotting my next adventure right this second.
It’s for work! I promise. I’ve written about food, travel, fashion and culture for more than 10 years, including eight years in Washington, D.C. as an editor for WashingtonPost.comDailyCandyTasting Table and DC Magazine. Now I live in Brooklyn, where I oversee restaurants content for FoodNetwork.com. I write for, edit, program the site and occasionally appear on camera.
I’m a California native, so I never knew a day without avocados until I moved to the East Coast for college (Hoya Saxa!). It took me years, but I’ve found West Coast-worthy tacos, sushi and a farm that mails quality California citrus when the Polar Vortex maroons me. I give bonus points to spice, rhubarb, cinnamon, broccoli, Southeast Asian food, boysenberries, negronis and peppermint ice cream. I not-so-secretly hate cardamom.
When it’s not food, it’s travel. I’ve been to every continent except the big, cold one at the bottom of the globe. I’ve made my bed in Botswanan bush tents, under Nepalese prayer-flag canopies, on the Argentine pampas, in an over-water Myanmar bungalow, high above the Duomo in a Florentine villa, and just outside the gate to Machu Picchu. I’ve chronicled my travel, food and culture adventures in plenty of publications, including USA Today, Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post and Mr & Mrs Smith.
I’m a cat lady, book worm, bike enthusiast and lover of summer, particularly when the Dodgers are playing.
You can see where in the world I am (and what I’m eating) on Twitter at @erinhartigan and Instagram at @eriniam.