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Strawberry Cheese Pie

Pi Day Recipe: My Favorite Strawberry Pie

Let them eat cake. Me? I’ll go for the pie. Rhubarb, banana cream, boysenberry, peach … I am a sucker for pie, on Pi Day or any day. I love it hot under a pooling scoop of vanilla or cold straight out of the fridge for breakfast. It had a lead role in “Waitress,” (and left me craving pie for weeks) and cameoed in a pathetic song in the gawdawful movie “Michael.” (Thanks for making us see that one over Christmas break in ninth grade, Dad.) There are some great shops for pie, including Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, Little Pie Co in Midtown and Whisked and Dangerously Delicious Pies in D.C. I love them each for their gooey, flaky, towering slices. But when it comes to baking my own, I’ll take a preview of spring flavors, please. This Strawberry Cheese Pie is one that my grandmother loved to serve at dinner parties.

Thursday Things

Misty Copeland pliés into paintings as a Degas ballerina (Harper’s Bazaar). Mind-bending Oscar-nominated animated short World of Tomorrow is available on Netflix. Dazzled by NASA’s Art Deco posters promoting the future of space travel: See you at the Cloud 9 observatory. (JPL) Could not be any more excited for the return of Broad City. (Vulture) Ready to ditch my delivery service for this quick and easy Hot & Sour Soup. (Smitten Kitchen) Don’t read this ode to good homemade coffee (and a proper place to brew it) without a mug of your own. (The Washington Post)